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Ensuring our Nation’s Security

ITility has a comprehensive understanding of project management, counterintelligence/counterterrorism, and analytic services. ITility specializes in the provision of experienced, vetted Special Operations Veterans in support of classified and unclassified U.S. Government initiatives. Our Team is structured to provide highly skilled personnel to support critical experience in areas such as: Weapons Technical Intelligence (WTI), Biometrically Enabled Intelligence (BEI), Captured Material Exploitation (CME), Threat/Vulnerability Assessments (TVA), physical and personal security, intelligence Network targeting, collection and analysis, surveillance operations, technical/tactical instruction, concept and capability development, and Intelligence Operations Tradecraft along with other areas where Special Operations expertise is essential.

Our approach for providing intelligence support and support to Counter Threat Operations (CTO) successfully supports our customer’s combat mission to find, fix, track, and neutralize enemy threats. ITility, comprised of former DoD special operations personnel, is highly competent and experienced in identifying, exploiting, and neutralizing enemy threats in order to achieve our Nation’s security objectives. Our approach provides support throughout each of the five phases of the CTO execution cycle and tailored analytical support through all phases of military intelligence operations. Our approach to terrorism analysis support services includes a comprehensive understanding of intelligence, counterintelligence, and counterterrorism operations and executing analysis in support of, CTO targeting foreign intelligence services; terrorist organizations; and insurgent groups and their surrogates that pose a threat to DoD and coalition forces personnel, resources, and facilities around the globe.