Quest for excellence.


As fast as the world changes, you have to think ahead to keep up, but you have to think beyond to win.

To deliver the highest possible value to our customers, ITility’s Integrated Operational Framework synchronizes three distinct, yet interdependent, focus areas that smoothly operate throughout the project lifecycle: Planning and Enhancement, Transition, and Performance and Quality.

Capabilities within this construct provide impeccable Solutions Development, Team Capacity, and Performance and Quality Management.

REAL, QUEST and PULSE reflect our commitment to providing our customers with the right solutions, right people, and right management.



Our new Research, Experimentation, Engineering, Analysis and Learning Lab (REAL) offers an exciting, innovative approach to rapid solutions development. While traditional organizations may form solution teams on an ad-hoc basis, ITility starts every project with the proprietary methodologies of Planning & Enhancement developed by the REAL. These techniques allow our teams to develop the right solutions for our clients.

The REAL is ITility’s proprietary conglomerate of assets that together provide the infrastructure, equipment, computing capacity and SMEs that execute our company’s engineering and technology development initiatives.

The REAL is a dedicated lab where we conduct research, test and evaluate emerging concepts, technologies and practices. We leverage our existing workforce, as well as access to our talent communities, industries and research institutions, and apply them to engineering and technology initiatives so clients can benefit from cross-disciplinary ideas and concepts.

Our knowledge and experience allow us to navigate, invent and implement new processes, products and services that will enable solutions to protect and defend on any battlefield.

The REAL Capabilities:

  • Develop Prescriptive TO Analysis and Responses
  • Design Customized Solutions
  • Create Rapid Prototypes
  • Apply Throughout the Project Lifecycle
  • Continue Customer Mission Enhancements
  • Prioritize Value-Added Initiatives
  • Enhance Service Delivery

ITility continually encourages and incubates ideas to develop innovations that match your requirements now … and in the future.


The Right People.

Today’s employment market requires organizations to turn talent acquisition on its head to achieve results. Our Quest Collaboration Center does just that. Quest is known for our unique approach to human resources. It is designed to leverage cutting-edge mechanisms and venues for communications that attract new talent, develop existing talent, and build talent pools of subject matter experts. It has become the gold standard for attracting, hiring, training and retaining “employees for life.” Working with solutions and concepts from the REAL, Quest — with a laser focus — ensures each project smoothly advances in the project lifecycle, especially during the initial startup transition. You need quality teams of people, tools and resources to provide services that exceed your requirements. ITility’s Quest delivers. We are driven to truly make a difference for our customers. Quest is a collaborative approach that inspires and empowers people– through our innate passion and compassion – to create significant solutions that secure what matters to our customers and our communities.

Clients benefit from the skills and capabilities of our existing workforce and access to our talent communities, industries and research institutions.

Quest Capabilities:

  • Build the Right Capacity for the Project
  • Build the Right Team
  • Define Initiation Strategies
  • Select Performance Indicators
  • Outline and Manage Transition Approach
  • Ensure Team and Customer Partnership
  • Establish Collaborative Working Environments
  • Begin With the End in Mind – Establishing Phase-Out Strategies


The Right Tools.

Pulse™ customized software enhances Performance Management & Quality Assurance throughout the project lifecycle. Pulse allows ITility to monitor critical phases of the project management lifecycle, including startup, planning, transition and execution.

By constantly “taking the Pulse” of our customers’ projects, we ensure performance excellence and the highest quality of work. Our cutting-edge Pulse program provides customers with near REAL-time visibility into the multi-faceted aspects of a project’s health, such as enhancements, problems and opportunities. Pulse easily allows us to support organizational change management initiatives in conjunction with reporting and communications focused on project cost, schedule and performance.

Pulse indicators inform decision-making for when enhancements, problems or new tasks require a REAL assessment for further development in case we need to pivot to achieve success. This visibility, flexibility and collaboration allow us to create more tailored client solutions and enhance performance.

Pulse Capabilities:

  • Select Management Tools
  • Optimize Performance Indicators
  • Establish Dashboard of Key Indicators
  • Align Decision-Making with Indicators
  • Continuously Measure for Success
  • Drive Improvement Through Quality Control
  • Drive Efficiencies Through Process Control
  • Recommend Enhancements
  • Report Project Health and Trajectory

Our Quest

At ITility we think beyond perceived limits to create new, unexpected ways to protect and defend our nation. Inspiring and empowering people to create significant solutions to secure what matters is our passion. From the virtual battlefield to boots on the ground, from the people, processes and performance that fulfill our purpose, we are here to help clients protect what matters, now and for generations to come.

How will you change the world today?

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