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Activated by our drive to perform beyond perceived limits, we solve technical challenges by staying at the forefront of emerging technologies and visionary practices.

ITility’s approach to technology incorporates capabilities that advance concept development, experimentation, evaluation and continuous learning. For each capability, we promote proprietary methodologies for repeatable, process-driven approaches that engage the customer, incorporate our frameworks, and provide innovative best practices to address IT challenges. Using our project lifecycle management framework, ITility delivers the solutions that support mission operations with minimal risk for our customers. For more than a decade, we have provided key subject expertise providing sustained success in planning, executing, managing and enhancing complex IT programs.

ITility’s core IT capabilities support our customers in the following areas:

Enterprise IT O&M Support

  • Agile Software Development
  • Cloud Migrations and Operations
  • Network Operations
  • Infrastructure Site Surveys and Implementations
  • Help Desk and End Users


Mission-Driven Modernizations

  • Requirement Elicitation
  • Agile Software Development
  • Testing and Evaluations
  • Knowledge Management and Data Analytics
  • Organizational Change Management

Professional and Technical

  • Policy and Standards
  • Designs, AoA and Business Cases
  • Enterprise Architecture and Governance
  • Engineering and Implementations
  • Modeling and Simulation Training


  • Tactical Satellite
  • Audio Visual/Video Teleconferences
  • Mobile Device Support
  • Converged Telephony
  • IP Networks


You have complex requirements; we deliver efficient, comprehensive solutions. ITility values your mission as our own. We work for what matters.

ITility’s creative environment enables the quick delivery of strong, performance-based solutions while managing risk and ensuring mission success throughout the procurement process. We offer customers timely access to accurate, authoritative and reliable information that supports acquisition oversight, accountability and decision-making. Our Project Managers (PMs) are DoD Systems Acquisition Professionals that are trained and DAWIA-certified to manage programs within the DoD Systems Acquisition Lifecycle Framework. In conjunction with Integrated Product Teams (IPTs) users from acquisition, technical, financial and operations, our PMs use standard operating procedures derived from our project lifecycle support framework in order to provide effective project leadership and management. This approach provides flexibility and encourages innovation while ensuring predictable performance and disciplined management of cost and schedule, providing customers with complete peace of mind.

PM Capabilities:

  • Program Management
  • Program Control
  • Studies and Analysis
  • Consulting Services
  • Requirements Development
  • Management of Acquisition Lifecycle
  • Procurement Workflow Processing
  • Master Scheduling
  • Data Management
  • Financial Management
  • Program Risk Management


You need a company that understands the depth of your culture, the complexity of your projects, and the purpose that underpins everything you do. We exist to support your mission requirements. Like you, ITility protects what matters.

ITility specializes in providing experienced and vetted mission operations support for our customers. Our QUEST capability can uniquely staff worldwide SMEs for a variety of operations to support classified and unclassified U.S. government initiatives. Our team is structured to provide you with highly skilled personnel and unparalleled performance to support your critical projects. Comprised mostly of former DoD personnel from various branches of the military, ITility is experienced in identifying, exploiting and neutralizing enemy threats in order to achieve your security objectives and overall mission success. We protect what matters … your mission, your people, and our nation.

We provide Special Operations Veterans for US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM):

  • Training and Education
  • Modeling and Simulation Support
  • Exercise Support
  • Emergency Planning

We provide:

In-theater U.S. Air Force European Command (USAFE):

  • Advisory and Assistant
  • Management, Operations, and Professional Support Services
  • Studies, Analysis and Evaluations
  • Engineering and Technical Services

US Air Force Air Combat Command (USAF ACC):

  • Combat Air Force (CAF) Support/Fighter Ops
  • Strategic Planning/Strategic Communications
  • Deployed Support
  • Application Development and Maintenance

Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA):

  • Technology Insertion
  • Cybersecurity Policy and Administration
  • Information Assurance Management
  • Accreditation and Connection Approval Processing
  • Network Operations
  • Acquisition Planning
  • Software and Portal Development


What’s now is important, but what’s next drives performance forward. ITility embraces the challenge to make what seems impossible, REAL. Our customers value innovation; we think ahead to deliver on the promise of the future. ITility values what matters ... the future of our planet and its people.

In addition to our IT engineering and implementations, ITility is developing technology and renewable energy systems that optimize organic waste management, food waste diversion, and energy conversion and production. ITility’s Research Engineering Activity (IREA) is based on engineering and technology development for waste-to-energy systems. IREA’s dedicated team of engineers and scientists are currently conducting research and development for our Modular Anaerobic Digester System within our R & D Center and laboratory facility. IREA is maximizing ITility’s REAL capability to create and optimize design, build, deployment and management techniques. The future demands innovation; ITility delivers out-of-the-box thinking that gets our customers where they want to go.

We provide:

  • Engineering Development
  • Material Design and Build
  • Modeling & Simulations
  • Prototype Manufacturing
  • Feedback Optimization Analysis
  • Mechanical/Civil/Environmental Engineering
  • Environmental Studies
  • Microbiology Experimentation
  • Biochemical Research
  • Energy Systems Engineering

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